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Many BowDagger users have a similar story - they saw us at one of the R100 tournaments and gave the BowDagger a try. Kevin is one of those archers, and we're happy to have him as a member of the family! 

I bought the BowDagger on July 16, at the World Deer Expo in Birmingham,  AlI have to say is this beats all of my expectations. Shooting a NoCam, I've had problems balancing the forward lean and this solves it. My groups have never been tighter and I'm amazed that the noise level is as quiet as it was. This is a great product that I plan on letting all of my bow hunting friends about.
                                                               - James M.

Like many archers, the BowDagger is such a new idea that it can take awhile to sink in.  Mike danced around the idea of the BowDagger for quite a while, but finally committed and joined BowDagger Nation! He's a low-key guy. This is Mike with his excited face on. 

I saw the BowDagger at the R100 and thought it was a cool idea. But then I tried it and scored better on the second 50 targets than I did on the first 50, and I didn’t have to lay my bow down between shots. I had to get one! Since then, I’ve used it at local 3D shoots and those weird looks always turn into the question, “where’d you get that?” The only time by BowDagger has been off my bow since then is to change the strings.
— Kyle A.

I got home at 11 p.m. on February 14th after attending The Great American sportsman’s show in Harrisburg, PA. I had never seen my wife so adamant about about any hunting product in my life. They are great, even in a couple inches of snow.
— Joseph G.

Just put on my BowDagger on my new Mathews No-Cam. This is the sweetest bow I ever shot and been at it for 45 years. Kid at Nancy’s Broken Arrow 3d bow shoot told me about this new BowDagger. No cam had very little hand shock but the BowDagger reduced it to none and balanced the bow like target stabilizers. Moved my sight out to 17” from the string to negate my reading glasses eyes and every arrow touching at 20 yards. At 50 # the sights are not spaced much farther than my 70# Z7 but easier on my post surgical shoulder. Shot 348 last weekend looking for 385 at least next time and pumped for bow season.
— Gary W.